Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thank goodness for Dandy Blend!

I'm quitting coffee. At first I denied my need for a morning cup of Joe. Then when I realized I couldn't honestly make it to 10am without caffeine I realized my problem: I'm a coffee addict. I love coffee - the taste, the aroma. But sometime in the last half year it became a habit, something I did not because I enjoyed the cup, but needed it. Blech!

In my efforts to boycott Starbucks until I have this daily addiction under control I've tried just about every kind of tea known to womankind: black, white, green, roasted twigs, herbal, red bush. You name it. After a friend posted an amazing sounding iced coffee description on Facebook I had had it with the hot beverages and went straight to the cabinet for the box of Dandy Blend. It doesn't smell or taste like coffee but it is my favorite coffee substitute. I made a tall glass of iced dandy and it was gooood! Here's the recipe.

Iced Dandy Blend
1 pouch instant Dandy Blend
handful ice
sweetener (I prefer honey or raw sugar)
light cream (you can also use a non-dairy creamer like soy or coconut)
hot water
cold water
splash of vanilla extract (only if using light cream and not a flavored creamer)

Dissolve Dandy Blend and sweetener in a small amount of hot (not boiling) water. Stir in creamer, ice and cold water until glass is full. Sip and enjoy!

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