Sunday, February 06, 2011

Farewell to an awesome North Shore parenting store

We got the news yesterday that Salem's beloved Crunchy Granola Baby had closed its doors forever. For the last 4+ years CGB has been my go-to place for gifts when new nieces and nephews were on their way in my family. The Barefoot Dragonfly has eco- and kid-friendly toys from CGB and I've even been a guest speaker several times for parenting groups to demo some simple self-help Reflexology for babies and toddlers.

It is hard to see some businesses struggling in the slower economy and the historic storms we've had this winter hasn't helped. If people can't get to your shop or studio they can't buy products or services!

So how can you help? Websites like the 3/50 Project has garnered national attention and offers some good tips on keeping your hard earned money in the local community.

Best wishes Jennie, and a huge thank you for the heart and soul you put into CGB that served the North of Boston community!

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