Thursday, February 17, 2011

CSA Testimonial

I received an email from a former CSA family that opted not to do the winter farm share with Heavens Harvest Farm. They can't wait to do the Spring Share again! :-)

What we learned from doing the CSA:
a) pushed us to eat healthier
I thought that we’d just buy more veggies at Calareso’s once we stopped for the winter.
It didn’t happen. We fell back onto our old ways. Plus they have the most common of veggies and nothing more.

b) pushed us to learn to cook new things
We played iron chef. We based our meals on what we had to use up. Not gee, what do we feel like eating.
And I spent more time looking up something new to do with these veggies.
We definitely tried veggies that we had never heard of before and many that we had heard of but had never eaten.

c) pushed us to cook
Since we needed to use up this stuff, we did less eating out and takeout
It is harder to be lazy and just pick something up or go out when you know you have food that if you don’t use will go to waste.

The Spring Season begins in mid-March so hurry and save your spot with the farm!

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