Saturday, November 06, 2010

Greetings from windy Winnipeg!

This is my second full day at the Reflexology Association of Canada's 2010 Conference and I'll be giving my second, and final, workshop this afternoon.

Fellow speakers are all wonderful folks and I've enjoyed sitting down one-on-one with each of them and chatting for a spell.

When I arrived on Thursday (the 4th) I was quite impressed to receive a very positive reaction from the Custom's Agent when I explained that I was in town for a Reflexology conference. And our cab driver last night wanted to know when the demonstrations would be today so he could come and volunteer to have his feet worked on. Haha!

This conference has, so far, been a wonderful combination of educating and learning. I'm coming home with all sorts of new techniques, ideas, theories and methodologies as well as access to some Reflexology studies I wasn't aware were available yet in English.