Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hot Stone Reflexology is back!

Welcome cooler weather with warmer feet! Local beach rocks and ginger aromatherapy will have you skipping!

FAQ on Hot Stone Reflexology:

What is it?
Hot Stone Reflexology is the introduction of gently warmed stones into a Reflexology treatment.

Who should try it?
Everyone! The stones can be warmed at various heat levels so feet are comforted by the warmth but not burned. Persons with neuropathy and numbness in the feet will be introduced to lukewarm stones.

How do you clean the stones?
We use a plant-based disinfectant that is used in hospitals and clinics. Stones are always cleaned before use on another pair of feet.

How will it feel?
Most people find the technique delightful. One regular client confessed the stones are "one of my favorite parts of the session." Another client mourns the loss of heated stones over the hot summer months, "I just hate to see them go."

How do I book a session?
Check out our services page and select the session that best fits your needs (prenatal, pediatric, feet, hands, integrated, new client). When you call or schedule online just mention that you'd like to try the heated beach rocks during your session.