Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Summer Farm Share in Stoneham

Heavens Harvest Farm is now recruiting for shareholders of the summer 2010 season. This is a 15 week season that starts in June and ends in September. Email the farm by April 15th to let them know you're sending your registration in the mail - they must account for crop sizes and planting now.

* Summer shares are for 15 weeks of produce (fresh produce will be delivered each week).
* Single vegetable/fruit shares - Bachelors/Bachelorettes pay $240 for fifteen weeks of produce.
* Half vegetable/fruit shares - $400 - 1/2 bushel containing 8-11 seasonal items each week.
* Full vegetable/fruit shares - $600 - full bushel with 10-14 seasonal items each week.
* Egg shares are available at an additional $45 for a half dozen and $90 for a full dozen.

The farm generously works with their members by honoring payment plans (give a half deposit at registration and pay the second half before the middle of the share is through).

To register:

* Visit Heavens Harvest Farm's website.
* Download and print their 2010 Summer registration form.
* Bring in your registration with check made out to Heavens Harvest Farm ASAP.
* Can't pop in to the office? Drop the registration in the mail to the farm directly (address is on the form).

Deadline to Reserve Your Summer Share is April 15th

Have questions for us? The Barefoot Dragonfly, 489 Main Street, Stoneham, MA 02180, 617-794-4755.

(picture by Timo Balk)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April's Featured Session: 90 Minute Foot Hand Ear Reflexology

Foot Hand Ear Reflexology Session is Pure Bliss!

William "Bill" Flocco developed this style of Reflexology and teaches it at his LA school American Academy of Reflexology. I took this 18 hour course in 2006 and use the techniques often!

I call this session the "elephant gun" treatment as the relaxation is far reaching and deep. Most folks sleep through portions of this session as it really sends you off to La La Land!

The session starts with an overview of the maps then the Reflexology techniques are applied first to the right hand, followed by the ears, the left hand and lastly to the feet. Time ratios usually look like this - 30-40 minutes on the hands and ears, 50-60 minutes on the feet. It really is delightful!

Can't stand anyone near your ears? Not a problem! We can still work the hands and feet into a 90 minute protocol.

Book your session today
! 90 minute Integrated session is $100, maintenance rates can be applied.

(image courtesy ABMP)