Monday, December 13, 2010

Aromatherapy training is complete, let the studying begin!

Ten months ago I embarked on a journey through clinical aromatherapy with the RJ Buckle Associates course at Boston Medical Center. It has been an educational trip to say the least! I've just wrapped up the 4th and final module of the course and now the fun really begins: studying and preparing for the exam in March 2011.

It sounds very similar to my board exam in Reflexology:
- 33 oil case studies (I had to do 90 case studies in Reflexology)
- 3 hour written exam (same for Reflexology)
- presentation of my research project (I had a practical to demonstrate my skills in Reflexology)

I'm really excited to start recruiting for my research project, and I have eight brand new oils to work with from the weekend!

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