Monday, March 01, 2010

Featured Reflexology Session of the Month: Ayurvedic Foot Treatment

Ayurvedic Foot Treatment at The Barefoot Dragonfly: A Reflexology Wellness Center in Stoneham, Massachusetts

In our adaptation of the traditional padabhyanga, or Indian foot massage, Reflexology and Indian acupressure techniques are combined on the feet. The session begins with a balancing and relaxing foot soak that prepares the reflexes and marma points for stimulation.

A general Foot Reflexology session is given that incorporates extra points such as the marmas (Indian acupuressure) and the reflexes of the chakras (seven energy points). After all points have been worked thoroughly the feet are treated to hypo-allergenic jojoba oil - a natural plant ester that matches the skin's own oil (sebum) - setting the stage for the Kansa bowl work. A Kansa bowl is made up of:

* Copper - for its Ayurvedic properties to help with inflammation and joint pain.
* Zinc - used in Ayurveda for digestion and immune systems support as well as thought to have an effect on diabetes.
* Tin - thought to be helpful for insomnia and headaches.

The bowl is used to stimulate the reflexes and marma points on the feet. Techniques are rhythmical and deeply relaxing!

Your session ends with heated beach stones applied to the feet and ankles to work out any remaining areas of tension. Your feet will hardly touch the ground when you leave!

Request the Ayurvedic Foot Treatment when scheduling over the phone or booking online.
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  1. 10.03.2010


    Thanks for the valuable information about the Ayurvedic foot treatment

    Question to you is do you do such treatments ?

    With Regards

  2. Yes Ganesh - this is one of the many Reflexology styles we offer at The Barefoot Dragonfly. Thanks for your interest.


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