Friday, February 12, 2010

Stoneham Farm Share - Spring 2010

The Barefoot Dragonfly is hoping to participate in the Spring 2010 farm share with Heavens Harvest Farm this year. We need to meet a quota of families participating to qualify as a drop-off. If you live or work in Stoneham, Melrose, Wakefield, Winchester, Woburn, Malden and other nearby towns and want to participate with us please let us know ASAP!

Here's the skinny:

Spring 2010 shares start March 23rd and run for ten weeks. For $32-45 a week you can get fresh-picked, organic fruits and vegetables to get you through this non-growing season!
Summer 2010 shares start mid-June and run for 15 weeks - shares run from $26-40 a week for fresh, organic produce.

A full share will easily feed four adults and some little ones. A half share is just right for two adults and a little one or two. The single share is great for a bachelor or bachelorette. Some folks like to get a full share and give some to a neighbor or retired loved one when they get it home.

The farm will deliver the shares each week to The Barefoot Dragonfly on a specified day (Summer will be Thursday afternoons, Spring will be Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons). Then you just swing by the office that afternoon/early evening, grab your produce (it will be in a reusable bag with your name on it), and take it home! If you can't make it one week you can send a friend or neighbor in your place - otherwise we will donate any abandoned produce and goods to a local charity that can connect it with needy families.

If you're interested we'd love to have you on board! Taking sign-ups for the Spring 2010 season now so register ASAP!
Here's the flyer with info on the Summer share:
Spring registration form is here:

Email or call us to let us know you're signing up then bring your check made to Heavens Harvest Farm and registration form by the office. You can also mail your check and registration form directly to the farm.

For those interested in items above and beyond produce I am getting word that special orders can be made for raw milk dairy items (yogurt, cheese), maple syrup, grass fed beef and select meats (lamb, turkey, chicken, venison), and soon some local-made natural wine.

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