Monday, October 19, 2009

Walking on rocks and bamboo

While barefoot hiking season is most likely over for us New Englanders, I'm finding a little indoor Reflexology mat is working as a good substitute.

My colleagues Barbara and Kevin Kunz, really cool book authors, have created a kit called The Reflexology Path with Barnes and Noble. I've had a couple of weeks to try it out and so far I'm really lovin' it.

So, I've brought the entire kit to the office for anyone to try out that fancies it. Take off your shoes (socks too if you'd like) and walk over the Cobblestone Foot Path, try the Bamboo Takefumi tool and see what you think!

If this is popular enough I may just have to get another kit for home and keep this one at the office for some pre- and post-session foot fun.

Full review to come soon!

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