Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reflexology Open House a Success

This year's Open House was full of fun and we got to see lot's of smiling faces! Here are some of the things we did to celebrate five years at The Barefoot Dragonfly:
*Henna skin art by Deepal
*Barfuss and Foot experience station
*Aromatherapy blends with Kris and Rose
*Cobblestone foot paths
*Foot Reflexology tasters
*Stoneham Food Pantry drive
*Raffle for six Reflexology sessions and other prizes

The weather was absolutely perfect and we had the most amazing helpers:
*Jacqui - helped with the barfuss park and foot gymnastics
*Joan - greeted guests and helped with refreshments
*Kate - helped with the foot painting station and the barfuss park
*Kris - blended aromatherapy sprays and showed her beautiful bath and body products

Want to see more pictures from the Open House? Click here to view the album on the Facebook fan page.

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