Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Save the Birth Center Rally Was Success!

I am so pleased that our efforts paid off to keep the birth center open! At least for now.

Channel 7 news reported yesterday morning, you can see me a little over a minute into their video holding the speakerphone for Marci.

The Salem News did a great job with this video and their articles.

NECN covered the story, as did WBZ, and WCVB.

I was interviewed on the 17th by WBUR which aired the morning of the 18th. No sign of a digital version on their website but I'll link here if I find it.

For more details see Campaign to Save the North Shore Birth Center. See some beautiful pictures from Sherrell Photography.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pediatric Reflexology

Working on children from infancy through the teen years is a great joy of mine at the office. Children respond remarkably well to a Reflexology session, and often the response is very fast.

I was giving a demonstration at a mom's group in Woburn once and one of the babies in the room had colic. The mother had tried everything with little to no success and the poor babe was really fussy. She offered him as my "model" to demonstrate a couple of gentle techniques on his little feet. In less than 60 seconds this little boy became very calm and quiet, in a few minutes he was fast asleep. His mother wanted to know what "magic button" I had pushed to help him calm down and stop fussing. I simply used gentle pressure over the solar plexus point and also worked the adrenal gland reflexes on his ears. See Reflexology for Children: Touch Solutions for Parents for tips on a relaxing routine.

In the United Kingdom news releases are clamoring over a 90,000 pound program to offer Reflexology to disruptive children in school. My response to this great program is an article titled Reflexology For Children With ADHD: Reflexologists Help Children With Behavior And Attention Disorders. When I attended the International Council of Reflexologists (ICR) conference in Amsterdam a few years ago I had the pleasure of hearing a speaker from Israel tell us about his successes with ADHD children. His slideshow and handouts showed his amazing work and he talked about how they had a 100% success rate in getting the children off of medications and their grades improved. All through carefully orchestrated foot rubs! How wonderful.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Save the North Shore Birth Center

The North Shore Birth Center holds a special place in my heart as both a birth doula who has attended births there and as a well-woman patient there. I am incredibly fond of midwifery care and feel strongly that women should have choices in where they have their babies.

On November 18th, 2008 the Board of Trustees that oversees the North Shore Birth Center in Beverly, Massachusetts will be presented with a decision to close the birth center to all births. What's a birth center without births? Just a woman's health center, right?

With over 400 people involved already the Campaign to Save the North Shore Birth Center is encouraging people to write letters, join daily picketing, come to the big rally on the 18th and alert the news.