Friday, January 25, 2008

Marbelous Foot Soak

Treat your feet to this at-home foot soak! You'll
a basin/tub large enough for both feet (plastic is
a bag of marbles
Epsom salt or sea salt
2 hand towels
your favorite foot lotion

Place one of the hand towels on the floor in front of a chair. Place the basin or tub on top of the hand towel to help catch any splashes. Gently empty your bag of pre-washed marbles into the basin. You may wish to soak your marbles in warm water first so they won't cool your bath down too quickly. Add a couple tablespoons of Epsom salt or sea salt. Finish with warm water and start soaking. Let your feet explore the marbles at the bottom of the basin. Experiment adding a little pressure, or rolling the feet in different directions -- circular, back and forth. After your soak, dry your feet with the remaining hand towel and apply foot lotion.

-Use small pebbles gathered from the beach instead of marbles.
-Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil.
-Buy colored marbles and consider the healing properties of the colors on the reflexes of your feet.
-Add the marbles to your bathtub, fill with a few inches of water, sit on chairs next to the tub and share with a loved one (this is fun with grade-school children - picking up marbles with the toes and making an exercise out of it).

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Using Feng Shui and Vastu Concepts in the New Office

I've had a very enjoyable time decorating the new office using Feng Shui and Vastu concepts. Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese practice where spaces are arranged to achieve harmony with the elements (wood, metal, fire, water and earth).

Vastu, on the other hand, originates from ancient India and is considered one part of three sciences: Vastu, Ayurveda and Yoga (the latter being the most well-known) that comprise the mind-body-spirit equation and spiritual philosophy. According to author Kathleen Cox "Vastu is the first design science to use the human body as the guiding force in the creation of space. Vastu also understands that every design decision sets in motion a predictable consequence that is experienced by the human body. So once we know the predictable consequences, we eliminate the belief that there is mystery in design."

Next time you are in the office enjoy the aquarium in the corner of tranquility, or let yourself be drawn to the candelabra in the treatment room where the candles represent each of your energy centers, or chakras. I hope your experience at The Barefoot Dragonfly is one of peace, renewal, and comfort.

One Fish, Two Fish

Love your environment as part of you, and it will embrace you with universal peace in return. This is Feng Shui in its purity.

My gift to the office for the New Year was a tank of goldfish. According to Feng Shui concepts goldfish are considered good luck and promote harmony within the waiting room. I must say I feel incredibly relaxed watching these fish swim around the tank! The tank contains each of the five elements: earth (the pebbles on the floor of the tank), metal (the fish), water (in the tank), wood (the plants in the tank), and fire (the tank's lamps). The new tank is located in the Northeast corner of the waiting room, which is considered the Zone of Tranquility according to Ayurvedic Vastu principles. I will post more information about these two systems, Feng Shui and Vastu, in another entry.