Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Going Green at the Office

We took the green challenge and passed with flying colors! Here are some of the things we've changed recently:
- switched over to entirely recycled toilet paper and paper towels with at least an 80% post-consumer rating.
- switched to a water filter pitcher instead of bottled water.
- started a recycling program at the office for plastics 1-7, paper products, beverage containers and other items.
- walking to work on fair weather days (started this in the spring).

And here are some things we've been doing all along:
- using recycled paper for printing intake forms, brochures and flyers.
- using all-natural products for use on clients.
- using all-natural and non-toxic cleaners for office, bathroom and sanitizing client-use items (foot bath, tools used during sessions, etc).
- using energy efficient office equipment, powering down computers after use, turning off lights when not in use.
- using natural ventilation and natural essential oils instead of fragrances.

If you have any suggestions we'd love to hear them! It isn't always the easiest choice to "go green" but we know it is the right decision for us. We will continue to improve our environmental foot print as we explore new ways to be green.

For tips read Creating a Green Office: Building an Eco-Friendly Workspace

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