Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Countdown to Final Beach Days!

Are you getting in your last beach days of the season? Give your feet a treat next time you're at the beach with this tip:
Mix together in your hands a small amount of suntan oil (or vegetable oil) and a scoop of sand. Rub all over your feet paying close attention to the heels, ball of the feet and places where calluses tend to appear. When you are finished exfoliating dip your feet into the ocean! Simple, easy and more relaxing than a noisy nail salon!

For a variation try bringing your favorite aromatherapy oil. Choose from earthy scents like rosemary or cedar or pick something light and invigorating from the family of citruses or a peppermint for that tingly feel.

Those with health conditions should check the contraindications for essential oils. Always do a skin test prior to use to check for allergies.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Infertility and the Environment

In this month's issue of Vogue magazine you will find the topic of environmental toxins linked to infertility. A compelling article titled "An Inconceivable Truth: The Link Between Infertility and the Environment." Catch the article on newsstands now or read the attached pdf file: 2007_vogue.pdf