Friday, October 19, 2007

FAQ Series: What about Reflexology for babies and children?

Babies and children are a special population and should receive lighter and shorter reflexology sessions. For this reason it is ideal if a parent, or nanny, can learn a few, simple techniques and practice at home between sessions in the office.

The younger the baby the easier it will be to start this new habit of working on his/her feet. At each birth I've attended the baby receives a tiny amount of reflexology before I leave. Once the baby has grown into a toddler it is a little harder to chase after him/her but makes a great addition to the winding-down-for-bedtime routine!

I have worked with many parents to show them simple techniques to help comfort their child suffering from allergies, the common cold, constipation and diarrhea, teething, ADD/ADHD, and other common childhood maladies.

Sessions are never a replacement for medical care, but they complement the care and treatment prescribed by the child's pediatrician.

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