Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Chair!

I am pleased to announce that I have a new Zero Gravity Chair here at the Lakeside Clinic. The biggest difference in this new chair is that it has a motor lift and conforms to your body a bit more than the old one. We've not retired the old chair though, we've just moved it to an alternate treatment room.

Description of the chair from BackSaver.com:
Our wood-frame Zero-Gravity Recliner takes its cues from a modernist era, with a sleek, curved armrest in natural, teak or walnut. The retracting legrest allows smooth exit and entry, and allows for an easy-to-achieve "conversation" position when you want to sit upright. The zero-gravity position, however, takes on whole new levels of comfort with the softness of leather, and an adjustable neck roll of WonderFoam® will have you relaxed in no time. Weight limit: 275 lbs.

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